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My recent interview on Amerika Now

My radio interview with Barb Adams of Amerika Now on November 3rd at 10 pm can be heard by clicking here

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KASA Fox2 Television Interview

ALBUQUERQUE(KASA) - Nikki is with Doctor Jeannette M. Gagan to talk about her book, “Grow Up Your Ego,” which takes the reader from a basic understanding of “self” to the highest level of maturity. She also explains Freud’s basic theory on the ego and how her book presents a different view.

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Don Thompson, the CEO of McDonald's, recently reported he lost 20 pounds in the past year by returning to a regular exercise regime. At the same time he hasn't stopped eating McDonald's food every single day. Fast food companies are criticized for being the driving force behind obesity rates. Although McDonald's has introduced healthier options to their menu including chicken wraps, salads, and egg white breakfast sandwiches, salads make up just two to three percent of their sales. Given the rates of obesity in this country (one third of adult Americans are obese), limiting intake of high calorie fast foods is surely worthy of consideration.

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Bring Back Physical Education Classes

A recent Internet MSN poll posed this question: Should an hour of exercise be required every day in U.S. schools? Remarkably, 88% of 379,091 responders voted yes, that obesity is epidemic; 8% voted no because it detracts from learning; 1% responded that it depends on the state; and 3% weren't sure. The Institute of Medicine ( recommends that an hour of exercise every day be a "core" class for kids.  This committee of experts reported that children who exercise show greater attention, have faster cognitive processing speed, and perform better on standardized tests than children who are less active. Implementation of an hour of exercise every day would draw attention to this problem and would allow schools to spend money to implement such a program.

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As you learned in the previous blog, prior to the significant impact of  Dr. Dossey's writings praying was considered the domain of religious faith and organized religion. As a result of his efforts, during the past  twenty years research involving prayer, religion, and healing of patients has become much more precise and sophisticated. The book entitled How God Changes Your Brain by Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark Waldman (both affiliated with the Center for Spirituality and the Mind at the University of Pennsylvania) described a number of scientific breakthroughs. 

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