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As we take time to observe nature, we find examples of the abundance of feminine energy. Consider ants: they are very social and are involved in community endeavors. They share a common goal that serves the queen, who has wings and the ability to fly until her eggs are fertilized. After this process, she pulls off her wings and sacrifices her own flight for the sake of the newborn and the future of the whole colony. Building complex homes in the earth, ants represent the ability to ground oneself and to work together for the common good. 

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A mentor is an experienced and trusted teacher, advisor, or counselor; they often lead us to the deeper truths of who we are. Ideally a mentor demonstrates the ability to hold both masculine and feminine energies. They are able to balance:

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Jeannette M. Gagan
Leonor--In the many years I have known you, I have observed how you thoroughly enjoy being a teacher. That in and of itself surely... Read More
Wednesday, 24 January 2018 14:24
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These days it is not unusual for people to talk about the ego—a term somewhat related to narcissism. When a person seems too self-centered he/she may be cited as having too big an ego. The fact of the matter is that ego has two important jobs: it is the internal organizer of our personality and helps us survive through its ability to think, evaluate, and prioritize. Furthermore the ego has as much growing up to do as our physical selves and research indicates this involves traversing ten stages. (Loevinger, J. & Wessler, R., 1970.)

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Coming in the New Year

Jeannette Book Cover TPROTF

Jeannette's latest book will be released in early 2018. Check back soon for more information.

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Tears rolled down my older sister’s cheeks—tears of relief as we listened to the radio announcing the end of World War II.   At the age of eight when this occurred, I was aware of the reality of a nuclear bomb ending war. I felt more than I understood how we lived on the brink of terrible danger.

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Saturday, 02 December 2017 12:15
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