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Last week's blog introduced the idea of creativity and meditation. This week we'll look at what tapping into our creative selves on a regular basis can bring us. According to scientific research there are numerous benefits of being creative. 

  • Blog47AIt helps lower stress levels
  • It can improve well-being and decrease depression
  • It can help people cope with chronic illness

Why is it so beneficial?

  • It allows us to express and process emotions
  • It feels good to create art
  • It helps us focus in the moment

An abundance of art media and processes exist, for just about every type of person. Social persons create art in groups; more introverted people enjoy creating alone. If one craves novelty, being involved in several major projects at one time can be stimulating. If you like consistency, you may want to work on one or two projects at a time. With all these options, however, it is usually true that perfectionism interferes with creativity, because it makes a person anxious. So it is imperative you remember you don’t need to be perfect. Working on projects to the state of completion as polished products is not necessary. The act of creating is what matters most. 

Blog47BIn my experience of being an author, I find it helpful: to work on one article or book at a time; to write when I am refreshed (not at the end of the day); to seek advice when I find it difficult to explain exactly what I mean; to know that writing lowers my stress level and improves my sense of wellbeing, as I am accomplishing something worthwhile. Furthermore, in writing my memoir it was very helpful to share my emotions. Although I tend to be a perfectionist, I’ve learned to trust and rely on my editor regarding corrections needed. 

Since creativity occurs in many ways, comments regarding how this happens for blog readers are very welcome!


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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

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