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Time for truthSpeaking one's truth is a hallmark characteristic of being mature. This isn't always easy. Children often lie in order to avoid punishment. Adolescents are known for stating falsehoods when bragging about themselves. Adults don't want to appear "less than" in relationships. Sometimes we don't even know what the truth about ourselves actually is!

Many people are aware of portrayals of famous figures whose videotaped interviews include direct quotes that clearly provide evidence of lies. We desperately need those in the public spotlight to model honesty: CEOs who are committed to "telling it like it is." Politicians who are so well known for "fudging" the truth need to either change their ways or be removed from office.

Do you know how important the truth is? Benefits from truthful living include:

  • You don't have to remember your liesTrust
  • You earn trust and respect
  • You'll create deeper connections with people
  • You'll feel more confident
  • Trust creates opportunities
  • Lying takes energy
  • Truth attracts truth
  • You will have better relationships and be healthier

Here are relevant questions:

  • Are you prepared to take an inventory regarding the degree to which you are truthful?
  • If you find yourself deficient, what is the first step you take to become more honest?
    • Would it be monitoring what you say every day?
    • Would it be writing down the number of times you lie every day?
    • Would it be confiding in a trusted friend of your determination to be truthful?
    • Might it be writing a comment on this blog anonymously in which you promise the world that you will indeed join the "truthful track" of life?

happy loving coupleIf you are a truthful person, congratulate yourself! Comments regarding how that came about and what it is like would be helpful to readers and are very welcome!


Jeannette M. Gagan, PhD, is an award-winning Author, licensed psychologist, shamanic practitioner, and an Ambassador for Peace. Over the years she has learned to use writing as a platform to educate, celebrate progress, and set new goals for PEACE within for all.

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