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Blog13AEven though we may eat right, exercise, follow doctor’s orders, take medications/supplements, meditate, and maintain a positive attitude, there may be times when we succumb to an illness or injury. At this point we can turn to a natural healing process within each of us—exemplified by a method originating in ancient Hawaiian teachings termed Ho’oponopono. This technique involves letting go of toxic energies (emotions and thoughts) and welcoming and allowing the impact of divine thoughts, words, deeds, and actions.

Psychologist Dr. Hew Len worked on the ward at the Hawaii State Hospital that housed the criminally insane. He actually never saw patients or professionally counseled them. Instead he sat in his office reviewing their files, and while doing so he worked on himself. Dr. Len said he was simply cleaning the impaired part of himself that he shared with them. He used the Ho’oponopono prayer: “I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

Blog13CTo everyone’s amazement patients began to heal. After a few months, the patients who had been shackled were allowed to walk freely—others who were heavily medicated had their dosages reduced. And those who were seen as having no chance of being released were being freed. As a result, the ward eventually closed.

I have used Ho’oponopono for many years. In the mid-90s I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of macular degeneration and was told by the ophthalmologist I would eventually go blind. After reading Zero Limits by Dr. Len and J. Vitale, every day I began to pray, “I love you my eyes. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” Later when I went for a routine eye exam, one of the tests showed actual improvement—something the ophthalmologist had not seen before. Miraculous? Not really. The core of this practice involves recognizing and healing underlying emotions—in my case, the loneliness and angst of my childhood.

Blob13BIf you have a health concern, it may well be worth your effort to use the Ho’oponopono prayer. As you do so, place your hands over or near the affected part of you body, close your eyes, and say the prayer several times. It may take a matter of weeks—perhaps even months for healing improvement to be noted—yet given my experience, this approach is definitely worth a try.

Please share in the comments below what comes up for you as you try Ho’oponopono. Notice any physical, emotional, and mental shifts that occur, and any new awareness that arises. Any experiences with this technique—positive results, challenges, resistance, questions—will be helpful to readers.


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Comments 2

Guest - molly on Thursday, 15 March 2018 15:55

This was good to read . I think I will try on Milo everyday.
Thank you for the reminder.

This was good to read . I think I will try on Milo everyday. Thank you for the reminder. molly
Guest - Jeannette Gagan on Thursday, 15 March 2018 16:19

Trying this on your dog Milo every day is an excellent idea!!

Trying this on your dog Milo every day is an excellent idea!!
Thursday, 18 July 2019

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