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  • Cecile Carson, MD
  • Vijali Hamilton
  • Marsie Silvestro
  • Dr. Paula Fellingham
  • Rynda Stephens
"Encouraging and wise, Dr. Gagan offers possibilities to both men and women to find that depth of the feminine in all of life that can return compassion and peace in fuller measure to our world."

Cecile Carson, MD,
Founding board member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners

"Gagan's insightful words are a balm for today's growing, heated conflicts. . . . We follow her through her personal struggles and healing from youthful, spiritual and emotional wounds to her eventual growth in accepting her own feminine beauty and power."

Vijali Hamilton,
author, filmmaker, and founding director the World Wheel Project, Global Peace through the Arts

"This book offers reflections and actions that take one to the depth of the soul while celebrating a woman's power to claim her life as catalyst to thrive, change herself, and change the world."

Marsie Silvestro,
author of Feast of Sisterly Trance Formation and other books

"Dr. Jeannette Gagan is one of the inspirational women who are actively engaging in lifting the level of awareness and peace on our planet."

Dr. Paula Fellingham,
founder, Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative; 
founder and CEO of the Women’s Information Network

"I urge you to devour, underline, highlight, and post to your mirror quotations from Jeannette that inspire you. Embrace the wonderful uniqueness of every female you encounter—but first, yourself!"

Rynda Stephens,
Girls Inc. of Santa Fe

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Coming in the New Year

Jeannette's latest book will be released in early 2018. Check back soon for more information.

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Guest - Christine Zecca on Monday, 12 February 2018 09:59

Working shamanically with the invisible realms takes psychology to a much deeper level.

Working shamanically with the invisible realms takes psychology to a much deeper level.
Monday, 17 May 2021

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